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  • Gerald Beckett Quintet recorded live at Art Institute of California, San Francisco, September, 2014
    • Obsesión (Flores)
      • Gerald Beckett, Flute
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Ruben Salcido, Sax
      • Ollie Dudek, Bass
      • Fred Johnson, Drums
  • From the CD "The Messenger" by Gerald Beckett, released May, 2014
    • Idle Moments (Pearson)
      • Gerald Beckett, Bass Flute
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Steve McQuarry, Piano
      • Ollie Dudek, Bass
      • Greg German, Drums
  • Jazz Revolution live at Revolution Cafe, San Francisco, CA, March, 2013
    • Excerpt from Strollin' (Silver)
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Ruben Salcido, Alto Sax
      • Bob Johns, Piano
      • Carl Herder, Bass
      • Michael Smith, Drums
  • From the CD "Contingency Plans" by Laura Austin Wiley, released December, 2012
    • Multitasking (Wiley)
    • Remembrance (Wiley)
      • Laura Austin Wiley, Flute and Composer
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Bruce Barrett, Bass
      • Glen Iwaoka, Drums
  • I don't just play jazz, I also play New Orleans funk (and many other styles). Here's an example:
    • Cissy Strut (Nocentelli) 
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Al Lazard, Sax
      • Michael Waters, Sax
      • Jeremy Sherman, Bass
      • Melvin Leonard, Drums
  • The Gary Zellerbach Trio, recorded live at Mint Leaf, Berkeley, CA, January 19, 2012
  • The Gerald Beckett Quintet, recorded live at The Showroom, San Francisco, CA, December 2, 2011
    • Excerpt from Low Down and Dirty (Benson)
      • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
      • Gerald Beckett, Flute
      • Michael Parsons, Piano
      • Aaron Germain, Bass
      • Glen Iwaoka, Drums
  • And now for something completely different...
    This theatrical piece was written and recorded by Michalski & Oosterveen in LA in the late '70s for the soundtrack to the movie "Eyes of Laura Mars." (They decided not to include this piece in the movie, though the other song we did, "Burn", was used.) You can hear me play a rock style solo (on a Les Paul), about 2 minutes into the tune.
    • George Michalski, Piano
    • Nicki Oosterveen, Vocals
    • Gary Zellerbach, Guitar
    • Carl Sealove, Bass
    • Jim Helmer, Drums
    • Produced by Ken Scott
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