Photos of Holograms from the Holos Gallery Collection


Star Trek Stickers
A.H Prismatic, set of  Star Trek stickers

Applied Holographics, Shakespeare

Hand Me Some Ice by Hess
Bob Hess, Hand Me Some Ice - SOLD

Ganesha by Palmer
Caroline Palmer, Ganesha

Custom Images
Custom Images from U.S. Holographics

Aquarium by Holicon
Holicon, Aquarium II

Hologram bookmarks
Hologram Bookmarks

Hologram pins
Hologram Pins

Holographic Products, Revco

Jon Brodel, Dragon

Jalopy by Moore
Lon Moore, Antique Jalopy

Bert & Saide by Moore
Lon Moore, Bert & Sadie

Coils by Moore
Lon Moore, Coil

Daisys by Lon Moore
Lon Moore, Daisys

Devlish Face by Lon Moore
Lon Moore, Devlish Face

Hand and Rice by Benyon
Margaret Benyon, Hand and Rice

Blake by OP-Graphics
OP-Graphics, Blake

Hedgehog by OP-Graphics
OP-Graphics, Hedgehog

OP-Graphics, Kittens

Marilyn by OP-Graphics
OP-Graphics, Marilyn

Spread The Wealth by Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Spread The Wealth

King Vitamin Ring
Quaker Cereal Company, King Vitamin Ring

Doorknob & Keyhole
Red Beam, Doorknob & Keyhole

Egyptian Tomb
Red Beam, Egyptian Tomb

Champagne by Richmond
Richmond Holographics, Champagne

Gladiola by Berkhout
Rudie Berkhout, Gladiola

Clown by McCormack
Sharon McCormack, Clown 

Small Revolver by US Holographics
U.S. Holographics, Small Revolver

Coffee pot
Wonders of Holography Gallery, Coffee Pot Pouring

Wonders of Holography Gallery, Mecca

Wonders of Holography Gallery, Medina

GG Bridge
Artist unknown, Golden Gate Bridge